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Hi everybody!

I can still hardly believe that I have been given the splendid opportunity to do an internship for the United Nations! I will tell how it all came about…

I was extremely in doubt (as usual) what kind of internship I wanted to do for my Master International Development Studies. I was getting very nervous and annoyed of myself when time dragged on and I still hadn’t decided. It was already July when I finally decided that I wanted to take the chance to apply for an internship with the United Nations (UN).

After I had spent many evenings surfing on the internet finding a nice programme for which I wanted to work within the UN, I wrote a motivation letter for one particular programme. I contacted the alumni network of Wageningen University and asked for people who work for the UN. I got a list of people and sent them my motivation letter and resume. Already next day, I got a mail from the director of the Poverty and Environment Facility. He wanted a telephone interview with me! I was very pleased of course, but also a bit stressed. However, there was no need, because after only a couple of questions the director said that I could start my internship in September, being located in Nairobi. I never expected this! It all seems so coincidental. I just applied on the right moment, because the Facility was looking for an intern on immediate basis.

The Facility just started in February of this year. There are now only two people working for it, so I will be the third one. They just launched a website: www.unpei.org Have a look if you’re interested! The Facility is meant to support the partnership that was set up earlier between the UN Development Programme and the UN Environment Programme, called Poverty and Environment Initiative. Its aim is to integrate the seventh of the Millennium Development Goals, namely environmental sustainability. The Initiative seeks to help developing countries in Africa and Asia to integrate this goal (to have a better environment) into their national development plans.

I am looking forward to my time in Nairobi very much! I will leave the 30th of August, and will remain there at least till the end of December. Everywhere I read that Kenya is such a beautiful country.
Well, soon enough I will be able to tell you all about it! So keep checking my web log!

To be continued…

Terms of Reference, description of my tasks

Letter of acceptance from Philip Dobie, director of the Facility

2 Responses to “Welcome to my weblog!”

  1. wilmas Says:

    He… yeah I see now how I can leave a message… cool!
    Succes and have fun Marjanneke! I hope you’ll have a nice nw international development experience!

  2. lotte Says:

    Ik hoorde van mama dat je goed aangekomen bent in je huis. Ben heel benieuwd hoe het daar is.
    Vond het heel leuk dat ik jou kon wegbrengen naar schiphol, ben je al die tijd nog een beetje wakker gebleven?
    Hoop snel van je te horen hoe het daar is!
    Dikke knuffel en kus
    van je zus